TI Course

Soul Care & Gospel Fluency

In order to effectively develop and launch pastors and church planters who are rooted in the Gospel, conscious of their own humanity, and attentive to the needs of their communities, this course is designed to challenge, care for, and develop the person of the pastor. Throughout this course, Church Planters will engage materials and experiences that are designed to expose and challenge their understanding of themselves, invite them into further exploration of the way their strengths and weaknesses set them up for both success and failure in ministry, and ground them more deeply in the Gospel.

course instructors

BrianJames McMahon, LMFT




Rev. Michelle McMahon



resource downloads

Intro to Multiply (PDF)
T1 Syllabus
Journal Prompt #1
Journal Prompt #2
Journal Prompt #3
Journal Prompt #4

t1 schedule

Jan 29 & 30

T1 Retreat Virtual Gathering/All Network Virtual Gathering

  • Jan 29 – 10am EST to 4pm EST
  • Jan 30 – 10am EST to 1pm EST
  • Both days will happen on Zoom. Register Below for the link
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Feb 4

All Cohort Zoom Call (2 Hours)

March 4

All Cohort Zoom Call (2 Hours)

April 1

All Cohort Zoom Call (2 Hours)

t1 homework

by Jan 28

Before Training 1 : Our pain & the Incarnation

  • Read Flesh
  • Complete the StrengthFinders Assessment
  • Complete APEST Assessment

by Feb 4

Before Training 2 : Our Leadership Strengths & How they Interact with our Pain

  • Watch Navigating Pain
  • Complete Journal Prompt 1 & 2 (See Links under Resources)

Before Coaching Session 1

  • Read Wounded Healer
  • Journal 3, 4, & 5

by March 4

Before Training 3 : When Love is not Enough – The Science of Safety and what Pastors need to Know

  • Read Safe People

Before Coaching Session 2

  • Complete Journal Prompts 6 & 7

by April 1

Before Training 4 : The Parental Framework

  • Read Return of the Prodigal

Before Coaching Session 3

  • Complete Journal Prompts 8 & 9

After Coaching Session 3

  • Write Final Reflection